Buy-A-Book for the Community Tree

The Casselton Public Library has once again initiated a Buy-a-Book for the Community Tree at our local library.  Community members will have a hassle free opportunity to give to a local non-profit where various gift tags have been labeled with assorted titles of books that the library would like to add to the circulation collection.  Community members are encouraged to stop into the library and browse the gift tags that are displayed on the tree, select those which you would like to buy for the library, attach a check or cash to the tag, drop it into the gift box, and then the library staff will make the purchases.  Book plates with the purchaser’s name will be placed on each donated item signifying that it was given during the 2015 Buy-a-Book program.  Remember, purchasing a book is also a special way to honor or remember someone and that will also be designated on the book plate.  Books may be bought anytime during normal operating hour which will include the Monday of Winter Wonderland of Lights so stop by that evening and take a look at the tree.  If you cannot make it to the library there is an option of sending a check directly to the library and specifying what age bracket of books you would like to purchase.


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