Community Survey

Strategic Planning is the focus as we progress into the fall at the Casselton Public Library. According to the Standards for Public Library Guidelines, published by the North Dakota State Library, every public library in the state must have a 3-5 year strategic plan on file in Bismarck. There are many benefits to developing this plan including having concrete goals and objectives that will help make decisions on programs and services more defined. It will help effectively allocate resources because we will have a formula for what our priorities are. Also, planning will help avoid changing for the sake of change – it will guide us in identifying what to change because this should be a conscious decision that is right for the library and for the community. As we begin this process we are asking the community to complete an online survey to help assess the needs of the community, to acknowledge the services the library is currently providing, and to determine what needs we may not be fulfilling. There will also be a paper version of the survey available at the library during regular business hours. We need everyone’s input so please take a moment to complete the survey whether you currently use the library or not. Each member of your family may participate also as we provide services to all age ranges. Thank you for your participation in this stage of our strategic planning mission.

The link to the survey is as follows:


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